Communication Skills Accelerator

Confidence, Effective communication, and Professional growth

With our tailored, red-carpet coaching, specifically designed for continuous learners like you, you'll quickly overcome personal language barriers and excel in multinational environments. Say YES to mastering confident leadership communication, effective meetings, persuasive skills, and impactful presentations with continuous personalized support—ensuring you never feel lost in translation again.
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Your mission, should you accept it, is to transform your Communication skills in English in just 3 months.

If you're an English learner and a project worker, program manager, project lead, business analyst, or team member who wants to pursue a career in project and product management, this course is for you. Join our program to harness these pillars and elevate your career as a project manager in a multinational environment.

  • Confidence Building

    Unlock your unique leadership voice, and craft an elevator pitch that truly represents your professional identity. Feel empowered to lead multicultural teams with certainty and engage your team effectively.

  • Communication Effectiveness

    Master the art of managing meetings, persuading stakeholders, and providing impactful feedback. Transform your communication skills to navigate any business scenario with ease.

  • Persuasive Presentations

    Learn to create and deliver presentations that captivate and influence your audience. Gain the tools to present your ideas clearly and compellingly, making every word count.

  • Continuous Personalized Feedback and Support

    Benefit from ongoing support in grammar, pronunciation, and word choice to refine your English communication continuously. This tailored feedback ensures your professional language evolves as you do.

Module # 1 Building Confidence

Explore the roots of miscommunication and embrace your unique leadership style through a specialized assessment. Our program guides you in understanding various leadership models and equips you with essential tools for effective cross-cultural communication.

  • MISCOMMUNICATION: You'll start by enhancing your communication skills, better understanding interpersonal dynamics, and learning practical strategies for overcoming common communication barriers.

  • CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICATION: This session is centered around a video by Erin Meyer, author of The Culture Map, which explores how different cultures perceive and communicate with each other. You'll engage in activities that enhance your vocabulary through business idioms and develop your speaking skills. Discussions will delve into cultural differences and workplace dynamics, providing insights into global business interactions.

  • LEADERSHIP STYLES: By the end of this session, you will be better equipped with the language and concepts to discuss leadership effectively. You’ll also take away practical tips for leading in challenging situations, enhancing your ability to manage teams and projects under pressure. This session empowers you to articulate leadership qualities confidently and apply learned strategies in your professional and personal life.

Module #2 Communication Effectiveness

Ensure that your colleagues or clients from various parts of the world comprehend your message clearly. This module is designed to equip you with the skills to articulate your thoughts distinctly and enhance your understanding of fellow English speakers. Master the art of clear communication, fostering seamless interaction and mutual comprehension in diverse global settings.

  • BUSINESS MEETINGS: You will leave this session with practical skills in meeting facilitation, equipped to make your business meetings more focused, efficient, and productive. The ability to effectively manage discussions and guide team interactions will greatly enhance your communication skills and leadership capabilities in any professional setting.

  • PRINCIPLES OF PERSUASION: By understanding and applying these principles, you will learn how to craft more persuasive communications and influence outcomes more effectively. This knowledge will empower you to become a more adept negotiator, marketer, or leader, equipped with the tools to achieve success by swaying opinions and motivating change.

  • FEEDBACK SKILLS: This session empowers you to master the art of feedback in professional settings, enhancing your communication skills and increasing your effectiveness in English. You’ll leave with practical tools to construct and receive feedback that’s insightful, actionable, and conducive to both personal and professional growth.

Module #3 Elevate Your Presentation Skills

Dive into the fundamentals of a compelling presentation structure, dissecting real-world examples for inspiration. Learn to create visually impactful presentations with hands-on practice using slides, charts, and graphs. Explore the art of effective delivery, mastering voice modulation and body language, and put theory into practice with short presentations. Navigate the Q&A landscape with confidence, discussing strategies for addressing questions during and after a presentation in a supportive environment.

  • MASTERING PRESENTATIONS: This session will equip you with the language skills and strategic insights needed to deliver persuasive and compelling presentations in any business setting. You'll leave with a clearer understanding of presentation structures and practical tips that can be immediately applied to your next business presentation, boosting your confidence and effectiveness as a communicator.

  • MOVING THROUGH YOUR PRESENTATION: By the end of this session, you will have mastered the art of starting presentations with attention-grabbing techniques that captivate your audience from the first word. Armed with a variety of phrases and strategies, you'll be ready to create engaging and persuasive presentations that make a lasting impression in any professional setting.

  • MANAGING QUESTIONS: Navigate the Q&A landscape with confidence. Discuss proven strategies for addressing questions during and after a presentation.

Your soft skills are just as important as your technical skills!

Improve your job performance and secure future career opportunities.

But that's not all..... there are bonuses, too!

Dive deeper into your course curriculum with our exclusive bonus content, designed to amplify the value you gain from the program: Elevate your skills, track your progress, and make the most out of your educational investment! 🚀✨

  • Focused Feedback

    Receive personalized session feedback tailored to you, enabling a clear identification of areas for improvement: grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary. This invaluable insight ensures a more tailored and effective learning experience.

  • Continuous Assessment

    Unlock the full potential of your learning journey with our additional content, providing continuous assessment opportunities. This enhanced feature contributes significantly to your overall learning experience, allowing you to track your progress, reinforce key concepts, and maximize the benefits of the course.

  • Reflection Questionnaires

    Harness the power of reflection with our specially crafted questionnaires. Seamlessly apply and integrate your newfound knowledge into your work environment, ensuring practical application and a deeper understanding of the course material.